Artwork Guide Info

When preparing your artwork, please use the following settings for optimum results: 

- Artwork should be designed in CMYK mode. Designing in RGB and converting will result in colours not being as expected
- All images should be 300dpi resolution or greater (lower than this and your images will print 'blocky')
- For best results please save your artwork to PDF/X-1a (files submitted as jpg or PNG may not be as sharp or colours may not be as expected when printed)
- Embed all fonts or convert text to outlines
- For a rich, deep black, we recommend C30%, M30%, Y30%, K100% - Using just K at 100% will result in a dark grey/brown colour
- Colour saturation should not exceed 280% (minimum 15%)
- Artwork must include 3mm bleed. ie. all background images and colours must extend 3mm past the edge of your flyer/card etc and will be trimmed off. Failure to do this may mean that there is a white line around the edge of your product
- Text, logos and important images should be kept at least 3mm in from the edge
- We do not read or spell check your artwork. Please double check all information, contact details etc are correct as once your artwork is sent to print, we cannot make any amendments and reprints will be charged at the full rate!


Revellution Artwork Guide Example

Understanding the image above.

When printing your artwork, it is printed slightly larger than the final size. It is then trimmed down to size to ensure colours and images extend all the way to the edge of the finished product. This additional area that is trimmed off is called the 'bleed'.

In this example, we will use an A5 flyer for demonstrative purposes.

A5 = 148mm x 210mm

An A5 flyer is 148mm wide by 210mm tall. Artwork must include a 3mm bleed. This means an additional 3mm is added to the top, bottom, left and right hand sides that will be trimmed off. Therefore the artwork will need to be 154mm x 216mm.

In the image above, the dark grey area around the flyer represents the 3mm bleed that will bne trimmed off. Your background images and colours must come all the way to the outer edge of this.

An additional dark grey dotted line is 3mm in from the trimmed edge of the flyer. This is known as the 'safe' area. All important graphics and text should be placed inside this area i.e. at least 3mm in from the trimmed edge.

Images used in your file should be at least 300dpi. If you are unsure, you should always use the largest version of an image you have. Images taken from websites and Word documents are often too small to print out clearly on a professional press.