Online Marketing

Using the internet to get your business known

The internet is a great tool when it comes to helping market your business. Whilst traditional methods of advertising such as newspaper adverts and business directories can still be beneficial, there is no denying that their use and effectiveness has been in decline in recent years.

Benefits of online marketing include:

  • Reach further to a global and unlimited audience
  • Lower costs than traditional advertising
  • Targeted advertising = Greater ROI. Select when, where and who sees your adverts
  • Keep customers up to date and interested using E-mail newsletters
  • Easily analyse the results to see who your customers are, where they come from and what advertising channels work best for you

Online marketing examples

Email Newsletters

There's a reason all big companies have email newsletters and mailing lists and that's simply because they are an extremely cost effective way of communicating with customers and they work.

Using an email newsletter can help you keep your customers up to date with what is going on with your business. Perhaps you have a new menu out for your restaurant, or have a great deal on a 'cut and blow dry' deal at your hairdressers. You could have a great new range of products in or perhaps you're moving location?

Doing a mail/leaflet drop can be very expensive and there is no guarantee of any business from it. In fact, the majority of people who see your advert will have no interest in your services at all! Sending out an email to existing and potential customers on the other hand, costs nothing and because you know the people who see it are interested already in your product, you will spend less time, money and effort converting those leads in to sales.

Get in touch to see how we can help set up and manage E-newsletters for you.

Online Advertising

There is a plethora of advertising platforms available online for the savvy business owner, but knowing where to start and what channels will work best for you can be a challenge. can help you develop and implement your online strategy utilising great services such as Google Adwords and Shopping, Facebook and social media advertising to name but a few. We can help from simply working with you on a consultancy basis, right through to managing your entire campaign!